We are working together in the state of Nayarit, Mexico to develop sources of prize winning coffee.

We are simultaneously developing markets for this coffee in the US and Canada—markets for exceptional quality, non-commodity coffee.

Our work together is getting more money and certifications to the growers to help them survive the commodities roller coaster and protect the environment.

The program includes education of growers through a joint agreement with the Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit.
  • We have given a 250 hour Coffee Quality Management course at FAUAN for growers for the last five years.
  • Last year we added a re-certification test for our diplomados.
We are developing coffee quality control systems and equipment for use in Nayarit that we can offer to other regions in of Mexico.

We are establishing Nayarit as the coffee quality control leader in Mexico.

We are becoming well known world-wide.

We received a US100,000 (over 3 yrs) grant from Solidaridad (Holland) in 2006, to help organize and certify growers Utz Kapeh through quality premiums.

We have obtained a line of credit for growers from Root Capital (US).

We secured invitations for the first Mexicans ever to SCAA headquarters to attend an advanced course designed for Colombians and to be certified by the SCAA as “Q-Cuppers” in 2003.

We have made presentations about our program in five annual meetings of the SCAA.

Our program is the subject of a chapter in a book on Corporate Responsibility that was published in 2007 by the ICAE business school in Costa Rica.

We are bringing Coffee-based Eco-Tourism to Nayarit.