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Certified Quality Assurance for Mexican Coffee

In general, coffee quality management begins at the farm and extends to the brewing of the cup of coffee that you hold in your hand. Coffee, unlike wine, requires attention to quality details that extends far beyond the producer; it extends all the way to your kitchen or the retail shop where you bought that latte.

From coffee producer, through transporter, roaster and brewer, everyone must do their part to maintain the quality of the coffee.

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Cafés Sustentables de Mexico helps coffee growing cooperatives to monitor and control all movement of coffee, from the purchase of fruit, through processing, warehousing and exporting. The company helps producers to acquire and accumulate the background and Quality Assurance data needed to acquire Organic and Utz certifications and promote marketing and sales of their coffee. It also acts as a financial control agent by distributing funds to cooperatives for the purchase of fruit and payment of workers, and it assists in maintaining financial records for the cooperatives.

All process documentation and financial transactions are completely transparent. We believe that documentation, traceability and transparency are essential for a healthy organization, most certifications, and certainly…... great coffee.

Perhaps the best way to fully appreciate a region's culture, coffee and wildlife, is to visit the communities where the coffee originates….why not join one of our Ecotours. We invite you to learn more about the way we certify our coffees by visiting us personally in Tepic, Nayarit, just an easy bus ride to the north of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Join the chain of custody, get your personal "Certification" for the cost of an airplane ticket.....and don't forget your camera! More About Ecotours.